Wanting my cool summer sunglass

I have posted before my first ever sunglasses that I bought. It is very important to me because my sunglasses is one of my valuable things. It is valuable because this is part of the fruit of my hard work in blogging. This is not as expensive as the branded ones but I so love this sunglasses of mine because it is very simple and affordable. I just bought this sunglasses last month because I am going to have a short trip to my parents province. I am not into sunglasses but for my eyes protection I bought one to wear while on travel.

What is so funny is that, a friend of mine wanting my sunglasses. She saw my photo wearing my sunglasses on Facebook. She messaged me saying she loves my sunglasses and she wants it as a gift. I thought she was just joking so I said get it here at the house. Oh my God, she is serious! I just told her she buy her own since she has a job. Good thing she does not know where I live so I am safe. She is not the only one who appreciate my sunglasses and also not the only one who wants to have it. I am flattered that they like it because this is only means one thing, I am not that bad when it comes to shopping things for myself. Thanks friends for liking my sunglasses, apparently I cannot give you this because this is the fruit of my blogging world.


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